by Todd Ellner
November 13, 2017 Home Building

Interested in learning more about NJ bank loans? Great, because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Chief lending officer Keith Rada gives a quick overview on lending operations and discusses the importance of working with a trusted home builder / contractor that the bank is familiar with.

NJ bank loans: getting financing with Gialluisi Custom Homes

Building your dream home is one of the greatest experiences of your life. At the same it can be a long and expensive process.

Fortunately, banks loans are here to help.

“One important thing you have to take into consideration when working with the bank,” says Keith Rada, “is this: the bank is going to look at the general contractor.”

In other words, your general contractor has to be trustworthy.


Keith continues, highlighting that, “my bank has been working with Gialluisi Custom Homes for approximately three years. We take care of the lending operations for their home building projects. We finance both their direct projects and their customers as well. We know who we’re working with and we trust them.”

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“The general contractor and the bank go hand in hand”

When it comes to NJ bank loans, the connection between the bank and the builder is very important.

“When a new construction project happens and there is financing involved, the general contractor and the bank go hand in hand,” Keith explains.

“The bank will only advance on work completed. Knowing that the general contractor is experienced, has a track record and a good success rate with that specific bank is crucial. It creates a line of trust that is profitable for everyone involved in the process.”

“As far as I can tell, Gialluisi Custom Homes is a bedrock in the Westfield community. They have a great track record and I’ve never heard a bad thing about the company,” adds Keith.

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Build your custom home with us

Now that you know more about NJ bank loans, are you ready to bring your dream home to life?

Enjoy the perks of our Built to Suit program:

  • Build your home on your lot
  • Select a lot from our inventory
  • Get professional help in finding the perfect lot for your home
  • Get help in finding the best financing solution
  • Enjoy reduced upfront payment (only 20% – 10% to the bank, 10% to us)
  • Customize everything about your home (from building materials to cabinets and door knobs)


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