by Todd Ellner
November 20, 2017 Home Building

Property title search is an important process that needs to be completed prior to purchasing a property.

How much do you know about it?

We asked Danielle Fallone, owner of Majestic Title to walk us through the process. Danielle has been in the business for 16 years and she has been running her own company for nine years.

Learn everything you need to know about property title search in the interview below:

Property title search: how does it work?

There are many risks associated with ownership rights when purchasing a property. To make sure everything goes according to plan, there are some steps that need to be completed…

“During the property title search we are searching your land records,” Danielle explains. “We are searching the properties to make sure there are no defects in title, to make sure there are no liens or any encumbrances that are going to affect your ownership.”

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What is a lien on title?

Imagine you own a property and you don’t make a payment on something. As a result, somebody puts a judgement on you. This means that not only that judgement is attached to you but it is also attached to any assets you own.

In other words, it’s a lien on title. A property title search is meant to drag out to the surface any existing inconveniences.

“We’re searching the owners to make sure they don’t have any of those issues when they sell their properties to you. We also work close with your attorney to make to resolve any issues we may encounter,” adds Danielle.

Worst case scenario: what could be wrong with a property?

When multiple properties merge together, there is an increased chance of having issues. That’s why it is crucial to take a close look at the land records when running the property title search.

“We start by searching the land records 60 years back, to make sure the chain of title is clear,’ states Danielle. “If one parcel of the property doesn’t have a clear chain, it means it’s a defect in title than can affect your possible ownership.”

Estates are also a big problem.

“Usually when people pass away, there are no inheritance taxes or state taxes. Our job is to make sure there aren’t going to be any liens on the property that could affect you,” Danielle continues.


What about boundary lines and easements?

“There could be issues with that as well,” says Danielle.

“There are properties that have shared driveways, as you well know. If there isn’t a clear easement for that, whoever is the beneficiary of that easement could have a problem when you go to build a property,” she adds.

Thinking of building a custom home… ?

Then make sure to run a rigorous property title search in order to avoid unwanted issues. Make sure to keep in mind everything Danielle explained.

Most importantly, make sure you hire a trustworthy company to run title on your properties.

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