by Todd Ellner
November 28, 2017 Home Renovation

Thinking it’s time for a well-deserved basement remodel? Then hop on a tour and get inspired from one of our most recent projects.

Gina Pugliese, one of our trusted real estate agents hired us to bring her dream basement to life. She came up with some beautiful ideas (gathered from Pinterest) and we did our best to stick to the plans.

How did the process go and what does Gina think about the final result? Watch the interview to find out.

Why Do A Basement Remodel?

Number one: kids’ needs come first.

“We have a 12 year old, a nine year old and a four year old. We want them to be able to invite their friends at our house and spend time here,” says Gina.

Number two: parents’ needs matter too.

“We wanted an extension of our living space and that’s exactly what we got from our renovation project with Gialluisi Homes. We love it, it’s exactly what we wanted.”

Pssst, here are some basement remodel ideas to get your inspired.

Designing the perfect reading nook area

The reading nook area was one of the ideas Gina got from Pinterest. It features a wooden frame and a bench with bookcases underneath. This is definitely a great idea to implement in a basement remodel.


“When the basement was originally built, it already had a cut out area to it. It was the perfect space for a nook. The Gialluisi Homes woodworkers executed it perfectly. They drew a picture, they told me what they were going to do and it literally came out exactly like the photo I showed them,” Gina explains.

“Hopefully my kids will use this area to read at some point,” she says with a smile on her face.

A Pinterest inspired vintage farmhouse bathroom

“This is another one of my Pinterest pictures that Gialluisi Homes executed perfectly,” Gina highlights.

Her idea was to create a black and white themed bathroom where the tiles were the focal point. To complete that look, we installed a frameless shower door and subway tiles with black grout in the shower area.

Finally, we chose matte black fixtures and a rain showerhead.

“I love it. It’s my favorite bathroom in the entire house. I wish I could spend time in here all day,’ smiles Gina.



We can honestly say this was one our favorite basement remodel projects. But let’s move on to the next area…

What’s there behind the sliding barn door?


When we started working on Gina’s basement remodel, one of her requests was to add a barn door. “It goes along with the theme of the farmhouse feel,” she explains.

We spent a lot of time figuring out where to use the barn door. Then, we came up with a brilliant idea: use it to close the gym area. The gym equipment wasn’t blending with the rest of the living space, so enclosing it with the barn door seemed like the perfect solution.

How about that wall over there?

“This is a stack stone wall, used as an accent wall for the TV and the fireplace,” adds Gina.

This basement remodel idea was meant to bring a cozy feel to the overall design.

However, she didn’t want to add a gas fireplace. “We just added an electric wall mounted fireplace with the TV above it.”

“The tile was literally installed one by one and I am really happy with the way it came out. It’s cozy and homey.”


The family’s youngest child has his own special place here in the basement: a small hideout that is his favorite place in the house.

“My husband wanted this to be for Christmas tree storage. He wanted all the ornaments to be stored in here. I said, ‘no, we have to leave it for our four year old.’ Now this is his favorite place to hide,” says Gina.


A real estate agent in the shoes of the customer

As you know, Gina Pugliese has only worked with us as a real estate agent. This basement remodel was the first time she hired us as homebuilders.

Tip: Here is Gina talking about what buyers are looking for in a new home.

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