by Todd Ellner
December 6, 2017 Home Building

When buying kitchen appliances, there are two important aspects to take into account: they have to match the overall design and they have to work perfectly.

Today we talk about finding the right kitchen appliances with John Moretti from Top Line Appliances.

Buying kitchen appliances: what customers are looking for

According to John Moretti, there are two main categories of customers:

“There are the traditional customers who just want something that looks good, works good and something that they’re getting a good value for.”

“Then, there are the customers who want to be ahead of the curve. They want to make sure that their appliances are the latest on the market.”

You may tend to spend more time searching for kitchen appliances and comparing products because you realize it’s going to be an important investment.


“In our store”, explains John, “we have mid line, high end and very high-end appliances. Regardless of their rank, when you buy kitchen appliances, you want to make sure you’re getting the best for your value.”

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Shopping for kitchen appliances: the process


The majority of homeowners who are looking to purchase kitchen appliances start by looking online. That’s where they get most of the information about the products.

The appliances industry is changing at a fast pace. A refrigerator you buy today could be discontinued six months from now. “People want to make sure they’re getting the latest tech,” John adds.

After looking online, customers come to the showroom. “They come to feel, touch and get an idea of how these appliances can really enhance their own lifestyle,” he explains.

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Customer service is paramount


You don’t realize how important customers service is… until your expensive fridge isn’t working anymore.

“We are quick [with customer service] because we have our own customer care department. We work right along with the manufacturer who provides the service. If they can’t provide it quick enough, we have our own techs on staff that can do that,” John points out.

He also thinks that buying you kitchen appliances from a local store is extremely important.

“You’re going to own these appliances for 10, 15, 20 years. So you want to make sure that you’re going to get customer service in case something happens.”

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Top Line Appliances working with Gialluisi Custom Homes

It’s been over 10 years since our company started this beautiful collaboration with Top Line Appliances.

“Our service to builders is more enhanced. We do site surveys, we help them make sure that the appliances are going to be located in the right spots. We ensure that the venting, the gas and the water locations as proper as well,” John explains.

“We are the last people in the house. We come in and set the appliances and test them to make sure everything works fine,” he adds.

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