by Todd Ellner
January 8, 2018 Home Renovation

Integrating modern ideas in the original design of a house that was built decades ago can be challenging. However, nothing compares to the look on the homeowners’ face when they see their new home.

Here’s 11 Colonial Drive, a renovation project in Scotch Plains, NJ.

A successful renovation project: Before


The first step in a renovation project is agreeing on what needs to be done.

In this case, an exterior makeover was imperative. In the 1:1 meeting with the owners we agreed that this classic beauty needed to be brought back to life.

From that point on, things went smooth as we quickly shook hands on what materials to use, what additions to make and how the final result of this renovation project will look.

Experience is key in a home renovation project

Besides replacing the old siding, the homeowners also requested two major home additions:

  1. A new entrance
  2. A stone fire pit and a BBQ area

We started by taking off the siding and building a brand new entrance. We added fluted columns because they give the house more personality and make it more inviting.


Then, we started working on the backyard area.

Building the stone fire pit and the BBQ area was great because we had a lot of space we could use. We were able to put our best ideas into practice and design a beautiful relaxation area for the entire family.


Tip: Discover the six steps to a smooth home renovation project.

A happy home: After

A few weeks later, 11 Colonial Drive looks like this. Although there are only a few minor touches left, the home looks amazing.


For this home renovation project we combined two of the colors that we’ve come to love: white and grey. Our main goal was to obtain an inviting overall look while staying in line with the architecture and style of the neighborhood.

11 Colonial Drive is definitely going to make everyone stop and stare!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the backyard. The stone fire pit area is ready to welcome family and friends around it all summer long.


Start planning your renovation

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