by Todd Ellner
January 11, 2018 Home Renovation

Looking for some inspirational kitchen renovation ideas?

This is your lucky day. Here are five smart solutions to get your creative juices flowing.

Five amazing kitchen renovation ideas to try in 2018

1.Stainless steel appliances

Aiming for a modern look?

Incorporate stainless steel appliances. They come with lots of benefits (#1 – they are extremely easy to clean!) and go perfectly with any kitchen design.

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2. Open up the space

Imagine cooking your favorite dinner while being part of the family conversations…

Here’s why homeowners love open floor plans.


3. New year, new backsplash

An effective (and less expensive) kitchen renovation idea you can try is adding a new backsplash.

Here’s the perfect example:


4. Fancy marble countertops?

One of the best kitchen renovation ideas – marble countertops have are beautiful, elegant and timeless.

If you’re considering this option then make sure you follow these cleaning rules. Your kitchen will look marbellous!


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5. Play with lighting fixtures

Can’t decide between recessed lighting and pendant lighting?

Pick both. Here is a great example that the two options look amazing. Plus, having good lighting in the kitchen is essential, especially when there’s not much natural light.


Roll up your sleeves and get to work

When it comes to kitchen renovation ideas, there are many options you can choose from. Whether you decide to change the color palette or add extra storage space, the key is to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out our home renovations page for more beautiful ideas.

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