by Todd Ellner
January 18, 2018 Home Renovation

Brilliant Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Inspire Your Inner Designer

Ready to give your bathroom some personality? Great. You are going to love these bathroom renovation ideas we carefully selected just for you.

Check out the list below and pick your favorites.

Bathroom renovation ideas you are going to love

1.A colorful palette

Tired of your outdated bathroom? Try something different!

Here’s the perfect example: a combination of white, grey and different shades of pastel green. There are endless options and color combinations you can try!


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2. Glass shower door – to create the illusion of a larger space

Besides making your bathroom look more spacious, glass shower doors also give a touch of elegance.
This is by far one of the greatest bathroom renovation ideas to try this year.


3. Statement mirrors – for a unique look

Forget about mirror cabinets, statement mirrors are the future.

If you’re aiming for a unique look, this bathroom renovation idea is the one you should go for.


4. How about a freestanding tub?

Adding a freestanding tub will help you create a focal point that has “luxury” written all over it.

There is a wide selection of such tubs you can choose from, depending on your budget allowance. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this bathroom renovation idea.


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5. Add cabinets to create more storage space

Towel racks are great… if you want your guests to see your entire towels collection.

On the opposite side, cabinets offer a lot of storage space. You’ll have plenty of space to deposit your towels, hair dryer and other things that belong in the bathroom, without creating clutter on the countertops.


Give your bathroom a boost

Regardless of which bathroom renovation ideas are your favorite, every one of them can make your bathroom look fabulous.

If you need an extra hand with your renovation project, let us know. We are more than happy to help.

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