by Todd Ellner
January 31, 2018 Home Renovation

Looking for the perfect home renovation ideas? Forget about small upgrades, such as repainting your living room walls. This year is all about going bold: major remodeling projects that will bring back your home’s glory days.

Read on and discover 2018’s top home renovations…

Home renovation ideas to try in 2018

1. Replace your old roof

Here are some of the benefits of replacing your property’s roof:

  • It can increase your home’s value
  • It can increase your home’s energy efficiency (if your old roof leaks cool air, your HVAC system needs to work harder in order to maintain the proper indoor temperature)
  • It can contribute to your wellbeing and overall health (a new roof prevents mold and mildew, thus it keeping you and your family safe from germs).



2. New year, new siding

Replacing your home’s siding can be a costly and time consuming process. Unfortunately, siding has a limited lifespan.

The good news is that you will probably only have to renew it once in a lifetime. Typically, siding can last up to 50 years or more, depending on the material it is made of.

Keep in mind that the condition of your home’s exterior siding can affect your home’s curb appeal as well as its energy efficiency.

Second on our list of home renovation ideas, siding replacement is a must. Here’s an example to get you inspired.

3. Bye, bye old windows

Although replacing your windows may not be on the top of your home renovation ideas list, it is on ours.

Here’s how you can tell if your old windows need to “retire”:

  • They are foggy (even if you spend hours cleaning them)
  • They are difficult to open and close
  • They have rotten frames

Feel like your windows have lives their life? Let us know here. We’ll get started on your window replacement project.


4. Bring your kitchen to life

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s everyone’s favorite place, especially if it enjoys an open space layout that encourages socialization.

Here are a few ideas you can try if you plan a kitchen renovation project in 2018:

  • Add more storage space
  • Add hardwood flooring
  • Replace the cabinets
  • Add statement lighting fixtures



5. Extend your living space – make a home addition

If you need extra space but don’t want to move into a new home, a home addition can be the best solution for you.

Check out our latest home addition project to get the inside scoop on this kind of project.


2018 is all about improvement. Whether you choose to replace your home’s siding or to add more cabinets in your kitchen, there are plenty home renovation ideas you can choose from.

Make sure to set your priorities straight and know exactly what you want. Maybe you want to go bold and renovate your entire house!

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