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February 12, 2018 Home Building

Taking care of legal paperwork when selling a home is not an easy task. Fortunately we work with the best NJ real estate attorney, so that makes everything much easier.

What’s the duty of a real estate attorney? Jim Foerst answers this and many other questions in the interview below:

What are the responsibilities of a NJ real estate attorney?

Jim’s work begins early in the process.

“In the beginning, I’m involved with planning. I help the team [n.e. Gialluisi Homes] find the properties they want to build on and then I make sure they are appropriate for development. The next step is to help them get all the proper approvals from the Town of Westfield or other towns that they want to build in,” explains Jim.

In short, Jim is the man who turns the handshakes between Gialluisi Homes and our customers into legal papers.

“The team sits down with the clients in the conference room, they establish certain aspects and they shake hands. My job is to turn that handshake into a legal document. At the end of the transaction everyone will know what to expect from their contracts.”



“Gialluisi Custom Homes stand behind their brand. They have a lot of pride in what they do and and they always stand by their promises.”

Should your builder set project completion deadlines in your home building contract?

Are you familiar with those horror stories in the construction industry where the builders promise to complete a home by August… but it’s still under construction in October? As a professional NJ real estate attorney, Jim has many stories to tell.

“Not with these guys,” he says referring to our team here at Gialluisi Custom Homes. “To be honest, when I first started working with Gialluisi Homes I was a bit concerned. They were setting deadlines of when the homes should be completed.”

He looks at the camera a bit worried, but then continues… “I wanted to specify those kind of things in the contracts, to have it in black and white that there might be delays,” Jim continues.

Soon enough however, our trusted NJ real estate attorney saw for himself that delays were out of discussion with our team. “They give realistic dates and they meet them,” Jim adds.


Building a spec home vs. when building a custom home: what’s different in the contract?

In short, the main difference is that the custom home contract is a little more detail oriented.

“When it comes to a spec home, there isn’t anything I need to change in the standard contract. However, in the custom built contracts we make sure to include every little detail and every small specification. When we have a vision, when we have a plan of what’s going to be built, we need to make sure it’s all written in the papers,” the NJ real estate attorney says.


What are the Westfield home exterior design legislation?

Can you build a futuristic home in the middle of Westfield? In the attempt of making things easy to understand, the NJ real estate attorney gives a clear statement:

“You can’t legislate taste.”

People have different tastes and everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to their home’s interior/exterior design.

But, as you drive around Westfield, you get the glimpse of what the look of the town is. Styles go from colonial to contemporary and Tudor architecture.

“I can’t put that into a law,” Jim says. “I can’t say that homes need to look like Westfield. All I can say is that the home you want to build needs to look like the homes that are there now. There are some design standards that need to be taken into consideration. “

One of the things we did here at Gialluisi Custom Homes was to limit the height of the homes. This means you still have the ability to develop your property and to expand while integrating your house within the architecture of the town.

“Gialluisi Custom Homes is complying with those standards and still building beautiful homes,” emphasizes Jim.


What should customers be looking for in a NJ real estate attorney?

“My best advice is to make sure you are working with someone who has experience and local knowledge as well,” says Jim Foerst.

The state of New Jersey has over 400 small towns. Each town does things a little bit differently. As a NJ real estate attorney, it’s important to know the nuances of the permitting, regardless of whether you’re in Westfield or in Millburn.

“Personally, I put myself in the customers’ shoes. I know that not everyone who is buying a home is a lawyer. That’s why I try to make things easy for the buyer, while at the same time I try to protect the needs of my clients,” explains Jim.

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