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February 27, 2018 Home Renovation


Looking for the best tips on home renovation from someone who knows the real estate market in your area?

If you’re getting ready for a home renovation in Westfield, New Jersey and you could use some useful advice, you came to the right place.

Our project manager Patrick Nardone shares some of his best tips in the interview below.

The first steps of any home renovation project

When meeting with homeowners who want to upgrade their homes, Patrick’s advice is usually based on the projects they are considering.

“In a 1:1 meeting with the customers, I try to establish their wish list for the renovation project. l take measurements of the project areas and I determine all the phases of construction that will be necessary in order to complete this task,” he explains.

The next thing on the list is providing estimated costs based on the information he gathered.

“After all the the above mentioned aspects are settled, I start to give advice that is directed towards the end product of the renovation project. I make recommendations as to what the customers will need to do from this stage to move forward,” Patrick adds.



Home renovation advice & steps of the process

Below are Patrick’s recommendations on starting and managing a home renovation process, in ten easy to follow steps.

#1 – Contact the local building department

I recommend them to contact the local building department to see if this work scope would be acceptable and fit into the townships criteria for side and rear setbacks. This is to ensure that the project does not need any variances.

#2 – Contact the Gialluisi Custom Homes engineer

I recommend them to contact our engineer to provide the information for that specific property and residential zoning requirements. This will help us determine if the project is feasible.

#3 – Speak to an architect

I encourage customers to speak to an architect, to provide a preliminary set of drawings. This helps us to establish an estimated budget for the project.

Important note: During the initial visit, the determination of pricing can only be based on speculation and an estimated cost (based on square footage and possible content).

The actual estimates need to be established on preliminary and final drawing. The drawings must be supplied by an architect in order to clearly envision the concept plan, specify materials and dimensions. All this information will be used to determine the final pricing.

#4 – Discuss the pros and cons of the project’s components

I recommend products and discuss the pros and cons of components of the project. I try to answer any questions they may have and explain the processes of the construction phases and estimated timelines.


#5 – Seek for other estimates

I always advise customers to seek other estimates. This way they are able to compare project cost (apples for apples, so to speak). It’s not a secret that costs vary based on materials utilized and contractors. At the end of the day, customers need to know their options.

#6 – Ask your contractor any questions you have

I ensure them that they can reach me at any time to answer any questions or concerns they may have in regards to their project.

#7 – Research the products and the manufacturers

I specify the products we install and the manufacturers we collaborate with. This allows the customers to research the products and see if they like them. However, we can work with any brand the customers prefer.

#8 – Make sure you know all the details of you home renovation project

I always want to paint a clear picture of:

  • the work scope
  • the products
  • the procedures
  • the costs
  • the potential red flags that can arise for their project

#9 – Make sure you are working with a professional

We are dealing with a very educated consumer who, in most cases, have done their research prior to contacting us. That’s why I need to be ready to answer their questions in a timely manner with the proper information they are seeking.

#10 – Establish a good communication with your contractor

Costs vary and that old saying “you get what you pay for” does apply.

However, I need to make our customers feel comfortable and confident in the ability of Gialluisi Homes to complete their project at a reasonable price, in a timely manner and with a positive end result.


Keep in mind

The key of a successful home renovation project (including bathroom renovations) is understanding the process and establishing a good connection with your contractor.

“When all is said and done, I thank the customers for the opportunity to become their contractor of choice. I’m always looking forward to hearing back from them and starting their project,” says Patrick.

Note: The process steps and advice given in this article are based on previous conditions confronted, similar jobs we have contracted and years of experience in meeting with potential clients to discuss their project needs and address their concerns.

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