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March 7, 2018 Home Building


Thinking about buying a home in the suburbs? Then you could use some advice from two of the most experienced real estate agents in New Jersey.

Real estate professionals Claudia Marrone and Matt LoBrace are behind The Marrone LoBrace Group, one of the top real estate companies in New Jersey. Today they talk about what you should be looking for in a new home, and how to choose a quality builder in New Jersey.

What motivates them as real estate agents in NJ? What are people looking for when buying a home? Why is the beauty at 92 Battle Rd in Princeton the perfect home to live in?

Find all the answers in the Q&A below.

Real estate agents in New Jersey: about the Marrone LoBrace Group

Matt and Claudia specialize in providing top-notch service to their seller and buyer clients in central New Jersey.

Claudia has been a full-time agent since 2004, receiving her Brokers License in 2016. She has received multiple awards for her top sales performance every year since she began her career as a realtor. When not working with her clients, Claudia spends time at home with her husband Paul and their dog Funi.

Matt’s Career in Real Estate began back in 2009 when he worked in corporate relocation as a Financial Coordinator, later transitioning to an Assistant Controller. In 2015 he received his Real Estate license.

What started out as a part-time job quickly became a full-time career in fulfilling his true passion of helping seller and buyer clients.

Real estate agents in New Jersey: top tips on moving to the suburbs

1. What motivates you everyday to give your best in real estate?

Claudia & Matt: The desire and drive to provide the best results and solutions for our clients. Seeing the satisfied faces of our clients gives us a sense of pride that we have delivered top-notch services.

2. From your experience, what’s the first thing people notice about a house?

Claudia & Matt: Considering that majority of buyers start their search online, it is imperative to have crisp exterior and interior photos that will capture their attention.

Pictures are just more than a click of a camera. Lighting, camera angles, staging, and picture quality are just some of the important aspects in delivering high-quality professional photos that only the most talented real estate photographers can master.

The curb appeal is the first thing people notice about a house. Buyers start deciding if they like or don’t like the house from the second that they pull up to the house.

Once they are inside, the kitchen is the next deciding factor.


All Gialluisi kitchens come fully equipped with appliances and cabinets

3. What are people looking for when buying a ready-built home?

Claudia & Matt: These types of buyers are going to be very detailed oriented and expect nothing but the best finishes.

For example, the materials used in the kitchen are critically important, from the stone selected for countertops and the quality of the cabinets, to professional grade appliances.

A flowing and open floor plan are key.

Buyers will quickly forget about the gorgeous kitchen or the must-have master suite if the floor plan throughout does not flow. Gialluisi Custom Homes delivers on these key factors every single time.

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4. What’s the main reason people want to move to the suburbs?

Claudia & Matt: Many buyers are moving from cities like Hoboken, New York City, and Brooklyn to the suburbs of New Jersey. The suburbs provide the land, properties and amenities desired for these buyers to establish roots.

People often move to experience the benefits that communities offer, such as sports, recreation, as well as clubs and organizations for children.

Privacy is another reason why you might consider moving to the suburbs.

5. How would you describe the property at 92 Battle Rd in Princeton, NJ?

Claudia & Matt: This 6,490 square foot Colonial home is going to be spectacular, whereby every detail has been thought of! As mentioned before, a flowing and open floor plan are critically important, and Gialluisi Custom Homes delivers on this must-have.


92 Battle Rd, Princeton, NJ rendering

The first level offers a gorgeous eat-in-kitchen, opening to the family room, dining and living rooms, plus the in-law suite and powder room.

The second floor features the three bedrooms, two full baths and the master Suite. The suite has a sitting room, dual walk-in-closets, bedroom and spa-like bath. The lower level provides the buyers with additional living space while still having ample room for storage.

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6. What would you say are the top five features of this house?

Claudia & Matt: That is a difficult question, because this house is simply superb. But let’s see:

  • In-law suite on the first floor.
  • Open floor concept on the first floor.
  • Professional high-end kitchen.
  • Custom molding throughout.
  • Quality of the finishes in the baths.

92 Battle Rd, Princeton, NJ floor plans

7. What can you tell us about this property’s location?

Claudia & Matt: 92 Battle Rd enjoys a prime location:

  • Walking distance to Princeton Graduate College.
  • Walking distance to parks, specifically Marquand Park.
  • One mile to Downtown Princeton (shops, parks, cafes, restaurants, pubs)
  • One mile to Princeton University
  • Two miles from various historical destinations such as Albert Einstein’s home

8. What about exterior amenities and backyard?

Claudia & Matt: The entire lot is just a tad over half an acre. The proud new homeowners will definitely enjoy the provided outdoor living space!

The backyard will feature a bluestone patio overlooking the spacious yard, matured trees and shrubbery. There is plenty of space for a pool addition as well, but that depends on your wishes as a homeowner.

9. What makes Gialluisi Custom Homes different from other home builders?

Claudia & Matt: Quality, vision and detail-oriented are the words that best describe a Gialluisi home.

We are proud and honored to be representing Gialluisi Custom Homes in this project because the end-product is going to be admired, respected and appreciated by all.

Ready to get a taste of suburban living?

The two real estate agents in New Jersey, Claudia Marrone and Matt LoBrace, surely know what’s best for our customers.

Their extensive experience in finding dream homes for so many clients has taught them a lot about the your needs and wishes. We are more than happy to have them on our team!

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