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March 15, 2018 Tips

If your home was affected by severe storms in New Jersey (by affected we mean left in the dark with no power at all), then you’re probably considering installing a whole house generator.

Our home expert, Patrick Nardone, talks about the advantages of whole house generators and presents our special offer for existing Gialluisi homeowners. Get all the details below.

How a whole house generator can help during storms in NJ

Q: What causes power outages?

Patrick: Power outages are caused by a variety of reasons. However, the most common are the severe weather conditions such as wind storms and heavy snow.

Other possible causes are:

  • Fallen trees
  • Transformer failures
  • Car accidents

How did people react to the severe storms in New Jersey in 2018?

Patrick: It was a very stressful situation. Power failure disrupts everyday life as we know it.

The availability to turn on the light, have heat, wash your hands with hot water, refrigerate your food… you don’t have access to any of these anymore when the power is out.

What areas of New Jersey were affected?

Patrick: Almost the entire tri-state area has been affected by this storm. It was difficult because those areas were still recovering from the Nor’easter that hit the state the week before.

This back-to-back storm has really crippled our area. We were left with power outages, fallen trees and downed lines blocking the streets. Travelling to work (or anywhere) was almost impossible.

How many homeowners were interested in installing a whole house generator after this episode of severe weather?

Patrick: At Gialluisi we received several requests after the last storm. So far there are three homeowners looking into moving forward to the addition of a their whole house generator, but there is increased interest in having the generators installed.


How often do power outages occur in New Jersey?

Patrick: Power outage seem to be happening more often in this area. What is more, they also take place at closer intervals, especially because of the severe weather conditions during the heavy winters in New Jersey.

What are the benefits of using a whole house generator?

Patrick: The benefits of a whole house generator system are priceless.

In short, a whole house generator allows you to have complete usage of all your daily amenities within 30 seconds of a power outage.


Are there any damages that a whole house generator can prevent?

Patrick: The generator is designed to operate the entire household by converting the normal electrical current (that comes into the home from your electric provider) and supplying the home with generated power from the unit installed.

This power supply feeds all of your critical operating mechanicals during extreme conditions.

The results?

  1. You will have heat – so you can forget about frozen pipes.
  2. You will have electricity – which supplies the power to all that’s important in your home:
  • refrigerator
  • hot water heater
  • lighting
  • mechanically operated garage doors

What’s the worst case scenario during a power outage?

Patrick: There are two unfortunate situations that I can think of right now:

  1. Frozen pipes that can burst and leak upon thawing throughout the home
  2. The loss of all your perishable foods that would spoil due to lack of refrigeration

What are some of the most important things to know about whole house generators?

Patrick: Here’s a short list of benefits:

  • They are extremely reliable and can operate for long periods of time during power failures.
  • They are safe and can operate under the most extreme conditions.
  • They are fairly simple to install by a qualified contractor.
  • They are quiet during operation.
  • They operate automatically during a power failure within 30 seconds
  • They convert back to normal power seamlessly with no interruption of power when they shut off.

In case the generator breaks, who will be in charge of fixing it?

Patrick: The service installers are usually the maintenance providers. However, there are other options available as well. You can either get in touch with a professional or you can learn how to keep the whole house generator working by yourself.

It’s actually pretty easy – here are all the instructions you need to follow.

Ready to install your whole house generator in New Jersey?

Gialluisi Custom Homes offers the full service and installation of whole house generators from Generac Generators. Here’s how it works:

  • We evaluate of your power usage first
  • Then we calculate your load capacity – to match the proper operating system for your electrical demands
  • Next, we file all required permits and applications for the installation of the generator
  • We determine the proper location of the unit in your home
  • We supply and install all materials and labor

BONUS: First year service and maintenance is included

EXTRA BONUS: Already a Gialluisi Homes client? Get a $500 discount off the normal price of the generator if you purchase yours by 10th of April 2018!

Call 908-206-4659 for a FREE complimentary evaluation and estimate by our expert, Patrick Nardone.

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