by Todd Ellner
July 11, 2018 Home Building

In this interview, one of our customers talks about finding the perfect house and working with the Gialluisi Custom Homes team to customize it to her family’s liking.

Discover the entire story below:

Finding the perfect house: ”This is it!”

When it comes to searching for the perfect house, homeowners usually ask for professional help. Real estate agents know exactly how to find properties based on their customers’ needs. That’s exactly what Kim Richman did:

“We had a realtor at one point. He showed us some houses and then showed us one of Gialluisi’s Homes in Mountainside,” she explains.

The moment they stepped into that house, Kim and her husband knew it was everything they were looking for.

“We walked into that home with our two young girls. They walked around the basement and started running around playing tag. My husband and I looked at each other and said: “This is it!”



Falling in love with the craftsmanship and woodwork

When asked what she likes more about the house, Kim’s response is straightforward:

“What I like most aesthetically about the house is the craftsmanship and the woodwork. It was one of the things that made Gialluisi Custom Homes stand out among the rest. From the tray ceilings to the coffered ceilings, to the raised panels that I have in my living room and dining room, especially in my master bedroom – it gives a very slick and sexiness to the room which I really like and appreciate.”


“I’ve never felt more at home.”

In order to make this home truly perfect, Kim and her husband needed to make a few changes around the house. Their goal was to make their living as comfortable as possible.

“Once we had the layout, I spoke to Peter and Patrick and I explained how my husband and my children live. I told them what we do day to day as a family and talked about the changes we wanted to add,” she explains.

As a result…

“They were able to work with me and create a floor plan that would include an office for me in the front of the house. They helped customize the home for how we live, which was another part of the process that I really enjoyed and loved.”


“I’m hoping this is home for life!”

Finding a home that suits all your wishes can be challenging. However, when you find the right builder and you get the chance to customize the house to your liking, suddenly everything becomes simple.

“As I look around, I realize that my husband and I literally picked every single detail. There was effort put into bringing this house to life. I’m hoping this is home for life!”


Build your dream home, it’s easy with the Built to Suit program

Designed to make the building process easy and smooth, the Built to Suit program comes with many advantages:

  • You can build your home on a lot you already have;
  • You can pick a lot from our inventory;
  • Get help in finding the perfect property to build on;
  • Enjoy assistance in finding the best financing solution for your needs;
  • Customize everything, from door knobs to chandeliers and color palettes;
  • Have your home ready in 6-8 months.

For more information, feel free to contact Peter Gialluisi or Todd Ellner at 908-206-4659.

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