by Todd Ellner
August 1, 2018 Home Renovation

Watch this short interview with one of our customers, John Czarnecki, as he describes his home renovation experience with Gialluisi Custom Homes.

See how this family’s lifestyle was completely changed:

Home renovation: out with the old kitchen, in with the new one

The kitchen is probably the most important part of the house. It’s the place where you gather with your loved ones every day to have meals together, talk and spend quality time. Also known as the hub of the house, a kitchen is more than just a place used for cooking activities.

John’s request was clear: he wanted to turn the kitchen into a functional, beautiful space.


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“This is a big part of where we spend the bulk of our time. We have our kitchen and the dining area. It’s a great place where we can spend time together as a family,” he explains.

The project also included adding windows to both sides of the walls in the living room.

“It’s a bright room, you got natural light coming from all sides in here,” says John.


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Home renovation: everyone has their own bedroom

Having a spacious house is what every homeowner dreams of, especially if you have a large family. In John’s case, he and his wife wanted to add two extra bedrooms, so each of their kids could have their own personal space.

In addition, we also added a linen closet and a bathroom upstairs.

“We’re now a family of five. We have three kids, three different ages, three different schedules. But they also have their own individual spaces to accommodate their own schedules and routines,” adds John.




Home renovation: working with the Gialluisi team

The first step to a successful home renovation project is finding the right contractor.

When asked to describe his experience working with Gialluisi Custom Homes, John’s response is quick:

“They were extremely responsive and they just wanted to make sure everyone was happy.”

Are you thinking about a home renovation?

Whether it’s your bedroom, your kitchen, your master bathroom or your hallway, we are ready to give you a helping in hand. Our team of professional builders and designers will make sure that your dream home come to life in no time.

Check out our home renovation page and get inspired.

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