by Todd Ellner
August 29, 2018 Home Renovation


Wondering what the secret of a successful home renovation is?

You have to be extremely well organized before and during the renovation process. After all, careful planning is the key to a successful outcome, right?

With that in mind, we’ve made a list of six tips to consider before embarking on a renovation project.

Six tips for a successful home renovation project:

1. Be systematic

A home renovation gives you a great opportunity to put things in order.

Go to the rooms you’re renovating and start looking through cupboards and shelves. Use transparent storage boxes to put all the things you still need after decluttering and label each box. Then, move the boxes to another room – this way they will not get dusty during the renovation but they will still be accessible.

Extra Tip: take photos of the boxes’ new location. It will make things easier for you when you unpack everything after the renovation process is complete.

2. Plan according to your needs

Thinking about changing the way you use your home’s space?

Then make sure your contractor knows exactly what you have in mind. Whether you want to add a kids’ corner in your living room or incorporate smart storage in your kitchen, it’s important to discuss your ideas with the team in charge of your renovation. Provide a clear image of your dream layout and remember that every little detail matters.

Remember: communication is key.



3. Use storage that you can move around

Once you decide how you want your renovated space to look, you can start your decluttering strategy.

Bonus Tip: Plastic storage boxes on wheels come in handy during renovations, as you will have to move them around the house constantly.

If you’re thinking about giving your bedrooms a fresh look, you will need to select the clothing items you will pack away and the ones you will keep close at hand during the renovation. A portable covered clothes rail it’s perfect for keeping your clothing items dust-free.

4. Consider your daily routines

A home renovation project involved routine disruptions. That’s why it’s important to plan for changes in your usual schedule.

For example, kitchen renovations mean you are not able to use your kitchen for a while. However, you can set up a mini cooking station somewhere else in the house. A simpler alternative is to find another place to stay until the end of the renovation.



5. Take care of your home’s exterior

Making some changes on the outside of your home as well?

Great. That means now is the time to organize the tools in your shed and take care of that exterior work you’ve been postponing for so long. If you find tools that can still be used but you simply don’t need anymore, you can sell them.

Advice: Rent a container to get rid of all the useless things you find around your house.

6. Keep an eye on your everyday essentials

With all the mess caused by a home renovation, make sure you don’t lose essential things.

Consider creating a special station where you can put all your keys, chargers, phones or paperwork during the renovation. It’s a simple solution to have them in hand at all times.


A home renovation project can be challenging. However, as long as you’re planning ahead and keeping things organized, there is nothing to worry about.

To ensure a smooth renovation, the Gialluisi Custom Homes team puts you in touch with top-notch builders, architects and designers. In a 1:1 meeting you can discuss the details of your renovation to its smallest details. Our team of professionals will come up with solutions suited to your budget and needs and you will be able to enjoy your new home in no time.

Check out our home renovations section to get inspired.

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