218 Grove St

Westfield, NJ

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Situated in 218 Grove St Westfield Town, New Jersey, this beautiful modern dream home has an undeniable elegance to it.

Modern furniture combined with a clean, minimalist flair and a hint of traditional decor – a setting close to perfection, wouldn’t you say?

The lovely new homeowners were involved closely with the house remodeling team for an outcome that perfectly reflects their personality and needs.

The inside of the house…

The materials used in this contemporary home have a cool, clean look and feel. They were combined with warm, organic materials, like wood and stone. Some of the focal points across the interior are the tailor made kitchen island, a fireplace in the living room and modern seats.

Besides an amazing modern bedroom, the upper floor offers a small modern bathroom and closet. Neutral palettes with accent colours have been used throughout.

From white walls, minimalist kitchen, romantic dining room, bright living room with elegant furniture to brown wooden flooring, this house remodelling project turned out to be PERFECT.

Happy new homeowners…

This amazing house remodeling project was a success especially because it resulted into a long term customer satisfaction. This is why Gialluisi Custom Homes team do what they do!

The happy new homeowners can now enjoy this contemporary home that clearly stands out. Furthermore, the welcoming cozy feel they desired has it’s rightful place into the home’s setting.

So, how do you like this amazing contemporary home?

This house is one of the projects managed and completed by the Gialluisi Home Builders team.

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