1053 Seward Ave

Westfield, New Jersey

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Situated in 1053 Seward Ave Westfield Town, New Jersey, this fascinating residential construction makes the most of its privileged location.

This home is the perfect definition of an urban oasis by beautifully combining contemporary architectural features while maintaining a classic traditional appeal.

With the help of qualified residential construction builders, the new homeowners succeeded to achieve an often-challenging combination between looks and functionality. The elegant modern decor is toned down to perfection by the room’s practical design, thus returning a feeling of comfort.

Natural lighting

Large windows allow natural lighting to flow freely indoors and ensure a bright and warm atmosphere.

Based on a simple color palette of white and wood accents, the interiors are classic modern, yet homey. The color palette consist of white with black and gray accents that adds to the spacious feel.

In addition, the brick walls and exposed wooden beams add originality to the clean, contemporary design.

Detail and warmth with a playful and dynamic feel

The owners opted for a built-in fireplace, which creates a subtly relaxed ambiance. Plus the gorgeous timber accents add a feeling of comfort…

The asymmetric, angular lines throughout the house and the mix of textures inspire an overwhelming feeling of space that will make you instantly fall in love with this superb household.

This house is one of the residential construction projects managed and completed thanks to the craftsmanship brought by the Gialluisi Home Builders team.

Gialluisi team has the proven experience and commitment to quality that ensures your custom home project will be managed professionally through every stage!

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