732 Fairmount Ave

Chatham, NJ

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This inviting residence at 732 Fairmount Ave has all the elements you need to transform the look of your home into a real-life, modern sanctuary. From the spacious backyard to the relaxing atmosphere provided by the large living room, this property is ideal for any type of lifestyle.

The great thing about it is that you can add to the modern design of the residence by including home accessories that reveal your personality and personal style.

Luxury vs comfort: Why should you choose only one?

The exterior design of this beautiful New Jersey residence transmits a sense of traditional warmth, from the Hardwood entrance door to the beautifully crafted white columns, situated at the sides. As you step inside this elegant home, you will be able to see more of the predominant classical taste, in combination with high-end materials and appliances.

As a result, the peaceful and inviting layout of the property is in perfect balance with the luxurious style it exudes throughout all the rooms. The Hardwood flooring, coffered ceilings and recessed lighting fixtures provide the perfect example of modern taste in combination with traditional style.

Excellent home craft design for a relaxing ambiance

White-colored Brookhaven cabinetry, an island kitchen, pendant lightings, a stone fireplace and elements of gold finishes throughout the bathroom: all of these details suggest a relaxing atmosphere and exude a warm ambiance throughout the property.

This entire custom home project was put together in a manner that ticks all the boxes. All there is left is for the new homeowners to move in and enjoy this beautiful and elegant property. Think about spending every morning, drinking coffee in this elegant kitchen, or enjoying a relaxing summer evening in the middle of your own, backyard.

Are you ready to move in?

This house is just one of the projects managed and completed by the Gialluisi Custom Home team. Natural wood, stainless steel appliances, custom-made ceilings and a neutral color palette can transform your house into the home you will never want to leave.

Call 908-206-4659 and take advantage of your FREE initial consultation if you are looking to purchase a luxury home in Chatham or Westfield.

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