38 Moss Avenue

Westfield, NJ

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Situated in 38 Moss Ave, Westfield Town, New Jersey, this home improvement project is as impressive and inspiring as it can be.

The combination of traditional and modern design resulted in a gorgeous living space that set a feeling of tranquility throughout the entire residence.

Delightful mix of old and new

The family wanted a traditional yet contemporary space that would answer their needs for both privacy and socializing.

This wonderful home improvement project was individually designed, working closely with the new homeowners. Thus, the final result perfectly reflects their lifestyle, design sense, and needs.

Fine quality craftsmanship can be seen in every interior and exterior detail…

The neutral color palette such as oatmeal, off white, grays and light browns sum up the lovely mix of old and new the homeowners desired.

Indoor/outdoor entertainment

This elegant residence accommodates a bright open plan living and kitchen area and a generous outdoor space.

The owners wanted the residence to be a family home that is connected with the outdoors. Therefore, throughout the whole home improvement process the main focus was linking the home with the beautiful landscaped garden.

The furniture, decor, feature lights and the walnut surfacing add warmth to the atmosphere of this lovely home improvement project.

Every room in the house is designed to be opened towards the outdoor living which make this inspiring, traditional house stand out in the neighborhood.

This house is one of the projects managed and completed thanks to the craftsmanship brought by the Gialluisi Home Builders team.

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