56 Tamaques Way

Westfield, New Jersey

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Located in 56 Tamaques Way, Westfield Town, New Jersey, in a beautiful and safe neighborhood, this stunning residence is an instant eye-catcher.

With a generous interior, both inside and outside the new homeowners can enjoy a smart modern designs that is allowing the space to further remain practical and cozy.

Modern Design

The interiors of this modern mansion are another great success when we talk about design. The modern decor and furniture selected, have strong lines that complement the linear architecture.

The owners can enjoy vaulted and beamed ceilings,a beautiful Brookhaven custom cabinetry in the kitchen and gorgeous baths. Altogether, this charming home offers a stunning living space in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Attractive and positive

The neutral palettes with accent colours that have been used throughout, give the home a wonderfully attractive and positive vibe.

The naked concrete and the wooden surfaces are combined so well that this modern interior design perfectly complements a family living well at home.

The large living room amplifies the sense of openness. Thus, it successfully blurs the boundaries of interior and exterior.

The lucky new owners can now take delight in a beautiful home with a living space that perfectly combines a smart modern design with a subtle traditional feel.

This house is one of the projects managed and completed by the Gialluisi Home Builders team.

Gialluisi is licensed in all aspects of home building and remodeling. With talented team of contractors, carpenters and craftsmen that are fully committed to making your project everything you want it to be.

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