229 Virginia St

Westfield, NJ

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Situated in 229 Virginia St Westfield Town, New Jersey, this luxurious contemporary home is a good example of a beautiful modern house design.

The charming new homeowners worked closely with the home builders in order to encourage an outcome that combines their personality and preferences with the fresh ideas of the home building team of professionals.

Clean lines and natural materials

The interior living space is warm and comfortable with modern clean lines and natural materials that follow the architecture of the house.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by an open plan space where the living room, dining room and kitchen are flowing into each other.

The new homeowners chose to incorporate natural materials like timber, steel and concrete into the interiors of the home, which perfectly blends in with the estate’s contemporary environment.

In addition, this wonderful stylish home also encourages outdoor living. Thus, these brilliant material choices created a unique interior all the while aiding in the flow of spaces inside and outside.

Uncluttered tranquility

The visual incorporation of the exterior flowing into the interior allowed the space to remain practical and uncluttered. Along with the linear design elements, a customized fireplace completes the stylish contemporary feel…

With attention to craftsmanship and fine details that are visible at a hundred yards, this superb home is easy to recognize. Quality and exceptional results is exactly what the qualified home builders strived to achieve and succeeded.

Tranquility and style in a contemporary ensemble is what this beautiful home is all about!

This house is one of the projects managed and completed by the Gialluisi Home Builders team. Whatever your vision for that new home or remodeling project, Gialluisi is committed to making your dream a reality.

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