625 Carleton Rd

Westfield, NJ

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Situated in 625 Carleton Rd Westfield Town NJ 07090, this modern residence was quickly spotted by a lovely family way before this lovely construction in Westfield was finished. Its selling points were not only the great location and generous interior (both inside and outside), but also the touch of craftsmanship brought by the Gialluisi Home Builders team.

Capturing the essence of Westfield interior design style

“The property sits on a generously sized lot”, explains Peter Gialluisi, the owner of Gialluisi Homes. “What is more, it is conveniently located within walking distance to town. Convenience and practicality are two leading features of this particular property, but we managed to sell it early in the construction phase mainly due to its beauty: the house is full of lovely details, it has a great architectural style and provides all the features of modern living you could think of.”

A long walkway leads the way inside the house. Wherever you look, the house is surrounded by nature, whether it is green grass, flowers, trees, or small shrubs planted along the house’s walls as if they were hugging it in protection.

Inside, visitors are welcomed by a classic fireplace that dominates the living room. Vaulted and beamed ceilings remind us of the many classic homes you will find in this established and sought-after neighborhood.

The owners enjoy a beautiful Brookhaven custom cabinetry in kitchen, and the baths speak of craftsmanship that is rarely seen in today’s homes.

They wanted a construction in Westfield, so they got it!

The property is perfect for a growing family: it features five spacious bedrooms and five full bathrooms, plus a fully finished basement. Having been sold early on the project, the owners were lucky to be able to put their particular print on the house, having been involved with many of the finishing details and color choices.

Now, as you walk past 625 Carelton Rd you will definitely notice the Carleton Manor Home, as it combines everything you love about modern living with a touch of classic melancholy.

This house is one of the projects managed and completed by the Gialluisi Home Builders team. Call 908-206-4659 and take advantage of your FREE initial consultation if you too are looking to purchase a construction in Westfield.

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