Address: 113 Tudor Oval, Westfield, NJ

Type of renovation: 113 Tudor Oval in Westfield, New Jersey required a ceiling renovation.

The owners wanted to create a unique look for their home, thus they chose to replace their living room ceiling. Instead of sticking to a white flat ceiling, the owners of 113 Tudor Oval opted for a coffered ceiling design.

Coffered ceilings are well known for their ability to make a room elegant. Square tiles are surrounded by deep beams in order to create that beautiful pattern on the ceiling. The best thing about this type of ceiling is that it match for any home style. Whether it is classic or modern, a coffered ceiling is a good match for any of them.

On this ceiling renovation project, Gialluisi Custom Homes used high-quality materials from our trusted suppliers:

  • Huston Lumber (for the ceiling beams)
  • Sherwin Williams (for the paint)

The owners chose a nude color palette for the ceiling. The exterior of the beams was painted in white and the interior was painted in a light shade of brown. The colors are simple and elegant as well.

The renovation process went smoothly. Gialluisi Custom Homes’ team of builders ensured high-quality services. Transparency and communication are crucial in a home renovation project. Therefore, our project manager updated the owners on a daily basis regarding every aspect of the renovation.

All in all, this was a successful home renovation project for everyone. One one hand, the owners love their new coffered ceiling and they only regret not doing this renovation earlier. On the other hand, Gialluisi Custom Homes managed to bring another beautiful dream to life…

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