Address: 624 East Broad St., Westfield, NJ

Type of renovation: 624 East Broad Street needed a partial renovation on the first floor.

The owners wanted to make a few changes in the hallway area and in the living room. Therefore, they decided to repaint the walls and remodel the ceiling.

Gialluisi Custom Homes met with the owners and discussed all the details of the renovation, prior to starting any work. We agreed on the materials we used, we set the time frame and the budget. Then, our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

As you can see in the pictures, the owners chose to change the color palette in the living room. The olive green was replaced with a lighter beige, thus creating the feeling of a larger space. The room is flooded with natural light coming through the large windows.

Materials: Gialluisi Custom Homes used high-quality materials from top notch suppliers. The owners were able to choose from a holistic set of materials, from paints to lighting fixtures. For this renovation project Gialluisi Custom Homes used:

  • Benjamin Moore for paints
  • Active Contracting for electrics
  • Owens Corning for insulation

The owners love how their new living room looks. The color palette on the walls matches the hardwood floors, thus creating a warm atmosphere. The new ceiling features recessed lighting and creates a modern look. However, the fireplace maintains the balance between classic and modern.

Gialluisi Custom Homes ensure a high-quality result and professional services. Our project manager made sure everything went smoothly during the renovation.

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