Address: 66 Irving Ave, Spotswood, NJ

Type of renovation: 66 Irving Ave, Spotswood, NJ is a partial renovation.

The owners wanted to create new living spaces and change a few things in the existing ones. It is a complex remodeling project that required careful measurements and creativity. The owners scheduled a meeting and told us their ideas. Together, we agreed upon the budget and the details of the renovation. Next day we got to work.

In order to expand the living area, they decided to opt for a garage remodeling. Instead of building a home addition, Gialluisi Custom Homes’ team divided the garage in two. This way, we managed to create room for an additional bedroom and an extra bathroom.

The owners also wanted to add a new statement mirror in the master bathroom, as they chose a large mirror with wood frames. In the kitchen area, Gialluisi Custom Homes replaced the countertops and the flooring.

Materials: For the renovation of 66 Irving Ave, Gialluisi Custom Homes used high quality materials from our trusted suppliers. However, the owners decided which materials suited their needs and budget. Our collaborators were:

  • KitchenAide
  • Toto
  • Huston Lumber

Experienced builders, designers and project managers ensured that the renovation project was completed on time. The owners were updated on a daily basis, regarding all the changes that needed to be done. Communication was a key element that led to a successful result.

Seeing the owners happy with the result was the best reward for Gialluisi Custom Homes.

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