Address: 700 Gallows Hill Rd, Cranford, NJ

Type of renovation: New kitchen and open floor plan
Note: This project is still in progress

The main goal of this renovation was to create an open floor plan, opened to the dining room area and to the front entrance.

Here’s what this renovation project included:

  • relocated the windows
  • added a gas fireplace with built in shelving
  • new hardwood flooring
  • Relocated the existing kitchen cabinetry to the garage
  • added counter space and second refrigerator
  • new trim and moldings
  • added double door to the pantry
  • new corned built in cabinet
  • framing
  • microlam beams
  • updated plumbing and electric
  • installed hardwood flooring

Materials used:

  • CertainTeed Monogram siding

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