Address: 750 First St, Westfield, NJ

Type of renovation:

  • complete home renovation
  • new level addition

The homeowners wanted to redesign the first floor plan, in order to accommodate a large kitchen, a family room extension and all three new bathrooms.

They also wanted a complete remodel of the second floor, which included three bedrooms, a master suite, walk in closets and a laundry room.

Here’s what this renovation project included:

  • new front entrance door and porch (Mahogany)
  • open floor plan
  • new kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • new appliances
  • upgraded electrical and plumbing
  • added recessed lighting
  • smart home technology
  • framing
  • sheetrock
  • hardwood flooring
  • first floor gas fireplace
  • extension of the brick chimney for the existing wood burning fireplace

Materials used:

  • Benjamin Moore paints

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