Address: 941 Sedgewick Court, Westfield, NJ

Type of renovation: Complete renovation of an unfinished space
Time to complete: 4 months

The homeowners wanted to turn their unfinished basement into a multi-purposed living area. The goal was to create a space for every member of the family.

Here’s what this renovation project included:

  • adding a fireplace
  • building a nook bench for the reading area
  • designing a exercise room
  • adding storage area
  • creating an open family/play area
  • building a new full bathroom
  • new framing, insulation, sheetrock
  • insulation
  • sheetrock
  • upgrade the electrical
  • add new tile
  • new flooring with simulated wood tile and carpeting

The new basement now has hidden storage and mechanicals, a private exercise room, a full bathroom, a play area with a fireplace and reading area.

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