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Build a home addition. Whether you need a larger kitchen or a more spacious bedroom, Gialluisi Custom Homes is ready to help. Tell us your idea and we will turn it into reality.

Custom home additions to meet your needs

Home additions are a great alternative to buying a larger home. But sometimes, the extra space you need is right there. Look no further than investing in a basement remodeling. It is the perfect place for an extra bedroom or a home office.

If you have a large sized garage, you can divide it in two. The part that leads to the exterior will remain a parking spot while the other part can be an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom. A successful partial renovation asks for creativity. You can be sure that Gialluisi Custom Homes will lay down all the available option for you, thus you can pick the one that fits your needs and your budget better.

However, depending on your needs, a home addition is a great way to make more room in your dwelling place. Gialluisi Custom Homes’ designers are ready to assist you. You can add more space to your bedroom and build a sunroom. You can create a connection between your kitchen and your backyard by building a glass terrace…

Gialluisi Custom Homes enjoys a strong collaboration with Westfield’s top notch suppliers, thus you can benefit from having your home extension built with high-quality materials. All the materials used come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


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