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Many of Gialluisi Custom Homes’ customers showed their interest towards having a  pool in their backyard. Therefore, we decided to introduce inground pools on our list of custom additions.

An inground pool in your backyard

Everybody loves a home that has a swimming pool. Besides the fact that it can increase your property’s value, having an inground pool in your backyard comes with an entire list of benefits. Fun, relaxation and entertainment are only a few of the attributes that make pools the most desired home additions.

A pool offers the perfect setting for a summer party in your backyard. It is a great way to refresh during hot summer days as well. What can be more relaxing than spending your afternoon by the pool, in the privacy of your home?

Tip: BBQ’s and birthday parties are always more fun when there is a pool involved.

You can turn your backyard into an amazing retreat, thus you can surround your pool with a beautiful landscape. What is more, a swimming pool brings along immense health and sports benefits. Swimming is the best workout you need.

Gialluisi Custom Homes collaborates with Paradise Pools, a company based in New Jersey. They are experienced professionals who will help you decide what type of pool is best for your backyard.

You will be sure to receive expert advice regarding everything you need to know about having a pool. If you are interested in pool additions, feel free to give us a call.

Get in touch with one of Gialluisi Custom Homes’ team members and ask for more information about inground pool additions.

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