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Your home’s patio is the place where you can sip your coffee in the morning while breathing the fresh air. But along with everything else around your house, it also needs to be taken care of in order to maintain its beauty and resistance.

Patio design ideas

Your outdoor patio can be described as an extension to your indoor living space. Whether it is made up of stone, bricks or concrete, this charming paved area is mostly used to socialize. It provides the perfect setting for summer BBQ parties.

When planning your patio remodeling keep in mind that you will use it for different activities. However, relaxation and entertainment remain the main goals. Gialluisi Custom Homes’ professionals will help you settle all the aspects of your patio remodeling: from the materials you will use to what outdoor furniture you should pick and other amazing patio design ideas.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes renovating your patio is much more than fixing some broken pavers. It means giving your home’s outdoor a new appearance. Our trusted collaborators supply will supply your remodeling project with high-quality materials. The result will look and feel amazing.

How should your new patio look?

With the right touches, your patio can be more than paver slabs in the backyard of your home. Adding a fire pit or a fireplace will turn it into a charming retreat. You can also build an outdoor kitchen or even a bar, where you can whip out your favorite drink.

If your budget allows you can even think about adding a pool or a hot tub. All in all, there are plenty patio design ideas that you can pick. From the most basic outdoor furniture to the most complex design.

You choose the patio design ideas, we take care of the rest!

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