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Built in the traditional Colonial Architecture style, our homes for sale in NJ are ideal for a growing family: spacious rooms filled with natural light, a perfect location and modern amenities are all included. You are invited to discover amazing combinations of modern elements and classic touches in the hardwood floors, marble counters or the nude color palettes on the walls.

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You love the project, but want to change a few things? Your home should look and feel just the way you want it. Everything in the homes for sale in NJ is customizable to your preference and your budget. All homes for sale in NJ are strategically built in the proximity of schools, parks, restaurants and interest points. Thus, you are always close to the things you love in your city.

Beautiful homes for sale in NJ

When searching for homes for sale in NJ, you are about to make the investment of a lifetime. This is why, when moving into a new home, we make sure you receive the support you need, every step of the way. Each project has its dedicated manager who deals with the documentation, papers, as well as on-site work. Attorneys, engineers, designers and builders all work together to ensure every home is built to perfection. We handhold you through the entire process, from getting approvals to getting a loan and all the way through to preparing the home for you to move in. Homes are usually ready within a six-month time frame – this means reduced living costs for you, as you can move in quickly. What is more, you benefit from lifetime manufacturer warranty on all home building materials, plus unlimited home maintenance checkups. Gialluisi Custom Homes is the only company in Westfield to offer complimentary home maintenance even years after a home was sold.