Gialluisi Custom Homes has recently expanded our expertise to include pre-engineered custom homes. These state of the art homes offer supreme quality, are energy efficient, eco-friendly and built in a fraction of the time of a site built home. Our pre-engineered homes offer the same quality and service you’d come to expect with Gialluisi Homes and in some cases are fully customizable.

  • Quick Completion – Pre-engineered homes are built from the ground up, just like an on site home. The difference is the controlled environment, which allows for simultaneous building of different parts of the home. This drastically decreases the total build time for the same work.
  • Extremely Durable – Pre-engineered homes are built indoors, eliminating weather delays and keeping materials dry. Floor, roof, and wall systems are all assembled in separate areas on customized steel jigs to keep everything square. These homes use up to 30% more lumber than on site homes for stronger construction and better quality. Pre-engineered homes are built to be transported and lifted by cranes, so are more durable.
  • Quality Control – At each stage of the building process, pre-engineered construction has quality control inspections on the line. In addition, third party inspections are completed at the factory, ensuring each build is meeting or exceeding current building codes.
  • Energy Efficient – Walls and ceilings are built from the inside out, so the factory has the ability to seal pipe penetrations, receptacles, fixtures and sheetrock seams from the backside with foam. This creates a tighter and more energy efficient build. Pre-engineered homes have much less air infiltration which is one of the leading causes of heat loss in a site built home.